Maxi Woodblock Wall Art - Waratah

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This stunning & iconic Aussie flower is sooo good, who can blame NSW for claiming it on their emblem! Mainly found in pockets of NSW, Australia, the Waratah shrub grows to a height of 4m and produces its vibrant flowers from September to November. Just beautiful!

The Maxi Woodblock is a combination of hand drawn & printed illustrations mixed with a dash of beautiful fabrics, mixed media, wood & resin. You can hang your Lost & Found Art Co woodblock on the wall or stand it in amongst your treasures or indoor plants for a pop of unexpected colour. 

Sized @ 29x20x3cm & suitable for indoor use only. Created with UV & HAL stabilised resin for efficient long term ageing & yellowing protection. Do not immerse in water and dust & buff with a slightly damp cloth.