Life in Flow - Book

Written with a whole heart and inspired by lived experience, LIFE IN FLOW is a practical and contemporary guide to 'living' yoga off the mat through simple moving meditations and breathwork. For a new generation of men & women into mindfulness and holistic health, or for those just switching-on to it for the first time, LIFE IN FLOW is intended for the yoga-curious but also those craving real-world tools to 'live yoga' in everyday life. Includes four sections with practical instructions for slowing down, sparking joy, creating more conscious and meaningful connections, and remembering that when we live in service to others, life feels not only more rewarding but more fulfilling and whole. This is what life in flow is all about.

Publisher: MURDOCH

ISBN: 9781760524128

Dimensions: 23.2 and 19 cm

Publish Date: 1/03/2019

Page Count: 256

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