Munash Love Your Plants - MO Gift Box

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Love your plants gift box

1 x MO Indoor Plant Food 400g

1 x MO Indoor Plant Seaweed Tonic 200ml

1 x MO Indoor Plant Foliage Spray 500ml

The Munash Seaweed Tonic 200ml is a specifically formulated Seaweed & NPK Blend and a complete biological fertilizer for your indoor plants.

Munash Organics Indoor Foliage Spray 500ml is a gentle tonic made from sea minerals, which when sprayed on your plants, gives them the perfect nutrients to keep them healthy, strong and happy.

Munash Indoor Plant Soil Food is made especially for indoor plant soil and potting mixes. This gentle blend has an abundance of minerals which will give your plants a nourishing boost.

Designed to work together:
For best results, use the Indoor Plant Seaweed Tonic in conjunction with the Indoor Plant Soil Food and Indoor Plant Foliage Spray. This lush sea mineral tonic will assist these two products to work more effectively completing the synergy in the Indoor Plant Care Range.

100% Safe | 100% Natural | Certified Organic made locally in Ballarat