Philodendron Birkin Small 95mm

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New in-demand variegated variety of philodendron with deep green leaves strongly striped with creamy-white, and colour contrast can be increased with bright light. These guys make a really nice addition to your houseplant corner, and like most philodendrons, it's pretty easy to take care of. Use as an attractive indoor plant or in subtropical gardens as shaded underplanting. For best results provide plenty of bright, filtered light and avoid direct, hot sunlight. Protect from the cold and keep moist during hot periods, letting it dry out a little in between so it's not overwatered. Philodendrons thrive in humid conditions, so mist regularly. Apply a slow release fertiliser during spring and a liquid based fertiliser every 2-4 weeks during the warmer months, taking care to dilute your solution to half to avoid burn. Wipe leaves gently with a damp cloth if you notice them collecting dust, this will refresh the foliage to its usual glossy finish. 

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