Pup Style City Leash - Marble Luxe

The most beautiful designer dog leash in the world - the Marble Luxe City Leash is your number one for stylish dog accessories. This lead features the most beautiful blush pink Vegan Leather so not only will you look amazing, but you'll feel good about saving the animal kingdom, too.

  • The Marble Luxe City Leash with sleek rose gold hardware is the ultimate in stylish & functional walking
  • Made with Vegan Leather (cows don’t walk around wearing us)!!
  • Generous 1.5m/5ft in length so you can sniff ALL the smells!
  • Featuring our signature ‘Marble Luxe’ print
  • Reinforced with strong nylon strapping
  • Lined on both sides so the pattern is always face-up (even when you’re weaving between your human’s legs)
  • Super sturdy for stronger pullers

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