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Raw Essentials Tea - Energy


  • May Increase Stamina And Endurance
  • May Improve Mental Focus

This blend truly lives up to its name. We wanted to create a tea that gives you a much needed energy boost to power through the day and your work out. Gaba is one of the core ingredients, scientifically proven to help improve mental focus and activity; it increases energy and endurance levels in the body. It also has the added benefit of natural anti-aging properties that improve skin elasticity.
Yerba Mate is a potent herb that keeps you alert and also assists as an appetite suppressor. It also contains 24 essential vitamins and minerals and 15 amino acids. To increase stamina, we added Ginseng and liquorice, which when combined increase resistance to the effects of physical, mental and emotional stress. Power tea can also be enjoyed as a caffeine replacement.


GABA Tea, Yerba Mate, Ginseng, Ashwagandha, Liquorice, Ginger

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